Call to action!

The Wisconsin DNR is looking for input for the development of Rib Mountain State Park with a request for an expansion of multiple new ski runs at Granite Peak Ski Area, the elimination of some hiking trails and the addition of new hiking trails and mountain bike trails. The Wausau Bird Club and its members are concerned by habitat destruction with the removal of trees for ski runs and mountain bike runs and the disturbance to wildlife on the hill. Last year club members were alerted to a rare bird for Marathon county nesting on the north face of the hill in the same area that developers would like to expand ski runs into. The Acadian Flycatcher was discovered last year and club members recorded its existence and established that it was on property again this spring and believe there is at least one nesting pair.  In addition, the north side of the mountain has mature trees with a tall canopy and a great habitat for thrushes and a host of other birds and wildlife. This unique environment should be preserved for existing wildlife and hikers who have enjoyed the trail system for decades. We should remind ourselves that this is a state park, not an amusement park.
Alternate 1 would be the best option with no change to the park. Alternate 2 wouldn’t be the end of the world with some biking trails being added and minimal ski runs added away from the acaidian flycatcher habitat.  Alternate 3 and 4 are the worst and should be rejected!!! If you agree and want to save the birds and wildlife habitat in the State Park, please vote against 3 and 4.
We encourage club members and their friends to complete the survey by July 14 to express your objection to the over development to the natural treasure in our backyard – Rib Mountain State Park.

Below is information pulled from the DNR’s website. The best way to see the possible changes we recommend you look at “Online Input Forum with Interactive Maps” where you can add and remove possible changes to get a sense of the changes the folks at Granite Peak Ski Hill is hoping to see.
The DNR is seeking public input on the information within the SE Group report and the potential alternatives the consultant has developed. The public comment period will run from June 14 to July 14, 2021.

The input received will be considered as the DNR develops its own management options for the park.

The public is invited to provide comments using any of the methods outlined below.

Online Input Form With Interactive Map
Submit your comments online using this form, which includes an interactive map to reference the SE Group alternatives. This app is not recommended for mobile users and is not supported in Internet Explorer or Edge Legacy web browsers. Please use the latest version of Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari.

Online Input Form
Submit your comments online using this form. Recommended for mobile users.

Hard Copy Input Form
Download and print this form to submit your comments via U.S. Mail.